Representative greeting

Management principles
Human resource development and obtained from all our customers, continue to be the company that is needed by society.
Management policy
Never misses a "jealousy" "attentive" "an eye towards" at all times.。
Noticed the "voice" "Looking At" "expression" of all our customers, closer to "think = feeling" of the customer.
Without being bound by common sense, seek the creation of new customer value constantly, persistent challenge.

"i Relief Corporation" in 2010, was opened in Nagasaki.

History is still shallow, until you find your ideal rooms for rent mediation as a specialty store, you will find support for a room. Staff, we always think that the "Take it pleased the customer" and, without fail the "jealousy" "attentive" "an eye towards" in order that, as close to "think = feeling" your even a little high have a consciousness, we are working every day, to your business operations.

Come to our company please visit us once! Staff from a concentric, we'd love to see you there!