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Our store staff is proud of the Minis FC Nagasakidaigakumae

Our shop is located right across the national highway No. 206 out of the front gate of the campus Bunkyo, Nagasaki University. Is the activity area, let me introduce you to rent near-Nagayo-Togitsu Motohara Mihara-University Hospital, Matsuyama and toucan-Sumiyoshi station Akasako Urakami Urakami Station Campus Campus Bunkyo Nagasaki Osakamoto length so we all means, please visit us.


Detailed Search (Around Nagasaki University)

  • Housing is available for your pet, an important member of your family.

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  • For customers who value convenience. Housing close to convenience stores and train stops! Find housing near local Nagasaki train stations!

  • Was a popular gathering 1LDK ~ 2LDK newlyweds!

  • Perfect for students who want to reduce the initial cost! Let the shopping full of money floating!

  • More emphasis on rent, is a must-see anyway! Ken might find some!

Regional information


Match the exotic Nagasaki, rich natural area. Omura Bay is facing the north, between the western city of Nagasaki, Nagayo eastern contact with the town from the south county Nishisonogi. West of the town (239m), Mt. Wind Nazumidake hall forms the boundary with the City of Nagasaki (Nazumidake: 392m), but such as mountains (413m) Eboshiodake lined, in the eastern Motomurago - Hamadago - Urago There are plains between, residential and commercial land that spread here. Togitsu harbor reclamation is carried out is more widely, has been used mainly in industrial areas.

Nagasaki University

Installation of medical Denshu place is the origin of Nagasaki University School of Medicine is a group of discovery, emotional historic campus.

Peace Memorial Park

Including the Peace Memorial Park, the city has many historical museum, there are many churches.


Will help you find rooms of your choice you are looking for the characteristics of the popular rooms Pets allowed, new construction around the Nagasakidaigakumae, etc. In the near station (share) I shop Nagasakidaigakumae relief Minis FC! Drawing on the strengths of mediation as a specialty store rental, and act quickly and speedy.