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Our store staff is proud of Isahaya Minis FC.

Our shop is located immediately left out of the station in Isahaya. Is the active area, let me introduce our Rent a wide range around the city of Shimabara, Unzen-Omura Town Iimori Town Tarami Station Hon-Ono station Kou Tsu station we Schottky station Isahaya West station Isahaya this Station in Isahaya because I am all means, please visit us.


Detailed Search (Isahaya, Omura)

  • Housing is available for your pet, an important member of your family.

  • Find the newly built housing of your dreams! Make your everyday lifestyle more exciting. Nagasaki new housing special!

  • For customers who value convenience. Housing close to convenience stores and train stops! Find housing near local Nagasaki train stations!

  • Was a popular gathering 1LDK ~ 2LDK newlyweds!

  • Perfect for students who want to reduce the initial cost! Let the shopping full of money floating!

  • More emphasis on rent, is a must-see anyway! Ken might find some!

Regional information


Surrounded by three seas with their own peculiarities, and also spread the largest granary fight, is abundant blessings of nature. Town development proceeds as a transportation node in Nagasaki Prefecture, diverse industries are concentrated.

Isahaya Bay
Designation refers to the bay from the West Bank caught in the southwest side of the central part of the Ariake Sea further, also called sea fountain. Using the shallow tidal flats, have been made from old land reclamation, national Isahaya Bay reclamation project was started construction in 1989, has been the issue of environmental conservation that includes the whole Ariake Sea.
Omura Bay
Sea located in the center of Nagasaki Prefecture. Goto Nada lead to Sasebowan through. It is said that there is an alias for "lake of the koto" from our lap (Sea of thing) to the coast is mild wave, this is what Sanyo Lai Chinese classics of the Edo Period, who began to call.

Room you are looking for the characteristics of the popular pets allowed, new construction around the Nagasakidaigakumae, etc. In the near station (share) I shop Nagasakidaigakumae relief Minis FC. Will help you find rooms of your choice! Drawing on the strengths of mediation as a specialty store rental, and act quickly and speedy.