Privacy policy

Privacy policy
i relief Corporation (the "Company") in "HP-house" run (the "Site"), personal information about our customers entrusted to us by customers using this site (hereinafter referred to with regard to the handling of the other) is referred to as "personal information" and to comply with laws and regulations on the protection of personal information each, will be subject to "Privacy Policy" below.
1.Purpose of use of personal information.
1) In this site, you will be personal information for the following purposes.
(1) Provision of services under the contract counterparty to explore the real estate sales contract or rental agreement, the conclusion of the contract concerning the purchase or lease brokerage and management, and implementation of other after-sales service.
(2) Notification and confirmation-request and answer inquiries about the contents and documents from customers, the implementation of other customer support.
(3) Offer to the seller of property information and documents request and inquiry from the customer.
(4) Questionnaire guide or our website for our customers to do the campaign, such as services and products, accepted applicants, such as shipping and arrival Status gift.
(5) Notification and confirmation of species such as aggregation and opinions and questionnaire were received from our customers.
2) The information collected on this site in accordance with each of the following items, shall be available only to the extent that is described in the preceding paragraph.
(1) In this site, for data acquisition and statistical improvement of the services provided to customers, etc. You may be using or web beacons (cookie) Cookie. By a combination of customer ID information is available on this site and use these, password and account, and the like IP address, and treat our company as to availability of your site.
(2) E-mail, etc. All about our services are delivered to customers, it may describe the (URL separately) URL with parameters that are encrypted to identify you. The information that is collected using a separate URL and are also dealing with our company as your browsing information.
(4) Other, on this site, you will find if you want to collect information such as IP address and connection from the source domain of your access log. These information will be handled by our company and for the analysis of trends and other users of our site.
2.Management of personal information
Personal information was obtained on this site are managed as follows.
(1) Regularly conduct education for the protection of personal information for our employees, we will manage the privacy of your personal data very seriously.
(2) Limited to the minimum necessary personal information available to employees, we have storage and management system under environmental personnel only on a predetermined on the equipment and technology that can be accessed.
(3) For the transmission of data on personal information via the Internet, we use SSL is the industry-standard encrypted communication to the web site required for security purposes.
(4) In addition to compliance with laws and regulations and guidelines for the protection of personal information, we have also developed an internal system in accordance with these in-house.
3.Provides third-party joint use of personal information
1) In this site, except in the cases that fall under each of the following items, to provide personal information to third parties unless there is consent of the customer is not available.
(1) If to be provided to a third party has been recognized by law.
(2) If we respond to requests from public institutions such as courts and police station.
(3) There is a need for the protection of life, limb or property of your own or a third party, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer such as in emergencies.
2) "Purpose of Use of Personal Information 1." In accordance with (1), if there is a need to provide to a third party, such as residential buildings and other traders of the contract the other party your personal information for the implementation of contract management and after-sales service , we shall obtain the consent of the customer.
3) In this site, if may be necessary to jointly use personal information, and shall take the necessary measures separately, according to the protection of personal information.
4) In this site, your personal information, it may create a statistical data processing in a form that does not personally identifiable, provided to third parties.
4.Outsourcing of personal information
This site, it may outsource some or all of the work involving the handling of personal information. In this case, the Company entered into an agreement that is required between the contractor and, make the appropriate management and supervision for the relevant contractors.
1) With regard to items that must be available on this site, entrusted to us by our customers, so make the display to that effect. If you do not fill out these items are, it may not be available and certain other information that can not contact us and after a variety of services.
2) Customer shall be responsible for personal information entrusted to us by our customers through our web site is current and accurate, and immunity to any personal information about our current situation is different.
3) Regarding If You provide personal information to third parties through such personal information will be offered to the other party of the contract of sale or lease of real estate at your own, this site or the Company, the Company can not be held responsible.
6.Revision of the "Privacy Policy"
Shall be able to be revised from time to time the "Privacy Policy", in this site.
In this case, the site at all times with the "Privacy Policy", the latest handling as customers have been agreed to this content.
7.Stop such use, correction, disclosure of personal information
In this site, and correct disclosure of personal information, you want to support above with regard to suspend or terminate use (referred to as "stop, etc. Use" below), it was confirmed that this is a request of your own. However, if applicable to each of the following issue, it may not correspond about these.
(1) If by the disclosure of personal information, is likely to cause harm to the other rights and interests of life, limb or property of your own or third parties.
(2) If by the disclosure of personal information, there is a risk of significant adverse effects on the proper implementation of the business of the Company.
(3) By the disclosure of personal information, and if a violation of other laws and regulations.
(4) If you take the measures to be necessary for an alternative to this if there is it is difficult to make use of other stops, etc. If you take a lot of money to stop such use of personal information, to protect the rights and interests of your own .
8.Contact Us
Regarding inquiries about the handling of personal information, please contact us at any of the postal and e-mail to contact the following telephone ・ FAX ・.
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